Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dad and Katie's Day O' Fun

This week on Tuesday, I went into work for a special retreat (which was interesting and lots of fun!) so Ben got to spend all day with Katie. All Alone...supposedly. Until Coreen called and said the magic word "playdate". So Katie went to Joanne's to hang out with the twins and Coreen's nephews. Sounds like fun was had by all. Dad did a great job with his girl and I could tell they both had a great day. I had fun at the work thing, but boy was I ever ready to see my girl again. Sometimes, if she has a nap that's 2 hours long, as nice as the break can be, I really feel like I miss her and am glad when she's awake again. Isn't that crazy? Is that normal??
Andrea and Sheldon dropped by for lunch the other day and Katie was more awake than the last visit... ...And a little less fussy. Wouldn't you say Sheldon?
We did actually happen to have a really great laughing session during this visit, so we might let Sheldon back.

The weather continues to be warm, although we did have a couple of days of cool 20C. We had an awesome thunderstorm the other night and showed Katie the lightning and listened to the rain. She appeared to be quite mesmorized by it all.
Otherwise things have been good and we are enjoying each day. Hope you are all enjoying yours!

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