Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not an old dog...

Right away, I'll let you know this will be a post with many pictures. We've been having lots of fun lately and not been posting much and I intend to make up for it!

Katie has proven that she is definitely NOT and old dog and CAN learn new tricks! She has started to get close to turning over onto her stomach from on her back. It pretty much looks like this:

From the bottom up, with her legs turning over and then tummy and now the only thing left to do is get over that one arm. She'll get a little frustrated, so mom helps her out...
...and flips her over so we can see what might happen when we flip over...FUN and kisses!

The new tricks continue when we see this...Which is also known as Mega Head Control and Leaning Up On Arms. I can totally see her doing this as she gets older to read books, do homework and watch TV...oops, scratch that last one, we're never letting her do that! =)

Dad and Grandpa Ken thought they'd start teaching her to be handy, starting with an observation session in the garage. Something tells me those boys didn't get a lot of work done on the slate backsplash that day.
Lunch breaks at the kitchen table are a very important part of being handy.

Speaking of handy, the hands are becoming more active and might be time for contact lenses instead of glasses. And maybe I should copy Andrea's short haircut lest I become bald before my time. (Watching out for those Dunnigan genes!) Katie looks like she's planning something devious anyway!
Watch for another post to follow shortly, because there's more fun still!

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Alli said...

Her neck control is fantastic. The look on her face is "hmmmm...what do we have here." I laughed out loud at that photo.