Thursday, December 30, 2010

More pre-Christmas and the Eve

We had some friends over the Monday before Christmas. I think I mentioned it before...6 kids and 6 adults. Here's the 5 non-infants at the kids table.
We had brought out our old bouncy chair for the 6 week old. The girls thought it was very interesting and played with it the next day. Here they are pretending to watch over baby Jesus. I think Katie even said she was Mary and Sam might have been either Joseph or a wise-man, I didn't quite catch it.
We finally got around to putting some insulating plastic over the girls window. Whoops! See the ice that had built up between the black out blind? I knew it felt a little cold in there. I don't care if the plastic helps with the ice or makes it worse, but it does seem warmer in the room now.
We decorated more cookies on Christmas Eve...had to make sure we had enough for Santa, right? Used my mom's "Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie" recipe...much better than the other ones I made. Hopefully I remember that this is THE recipe when I go to make them next year.

The girls got a little dressed up for Christmas eve. (though I think before we headed out Sam had decided she didn't want the skirt anymore)I had made them Christmas barrettes the night before for our other family Christmas party. I think they are so cute!GG Lill brought out a gorgeous doll house to play with, that used to be Gram Cheryl's. Such a neat house...all metal and bungalow layout...I haven't seen one like this ever before!Gram was keen to show Katie and was having as much fun (or more?) than Katie!Sam had a lot of fun and ended up getting so hot running around that she insisted on taking of all her clothes. How's that for a special Christmas outfit? Here's a video we took of Sam. She was pretty excited!

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Here's a pic of the girls in their PJ's putting out the cookies for Santa. We also put out apple for Rudolph. The girls were excited and Katie even wrote the note.
Things are mostly improved health wise now. Most of us are feeling better...Katie got sick this week but is recovering quickly.

Have I mentioned that Katie is officially in her "WHY?" phase? Evidenced (obviously) by asking why about a lot of things, but also her general questioning. For example..."We're having friends over tomorrow" (1 second later) "Is it tomorrow?". Cute, but irritating after the millionth time. It's very neat though to hear her being curious about everything and I'm trying my best to give her clear answers appropriate for her age.

Sam's talking a ton...very much a "Mine" "Me Too!""I want some fruit too!" kind of place she's in.

I'm sure there's more to share but I'm getting tired from our WILD (leftovers for dinner, bath and books) New Years Eve. See you next year!

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