Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Season

The girls (especially her age, she's really starting to anticipate this year) are getting very excited about Christmas. We've had lots of fun Christmas activities to make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Sam eating a cookie we decorated at the breakfast/crafty fun morning with our friends Megan and Rob and their kids D and M.
Katie decorating.
Megan and family.
Katie had a Sharing Day at her preschool. Parents and Grandparents were invited (both Ben and I and Gram Cheryl came!). There was a craft component as well as a song/dance. (low pressure Christmas concert!) Katie had fun but did get a little shy during a dance and sat on my lap after that. It was neat to see her with her friends and teachers.
Here's a picture from our little graham cracker gingerbread house decorating party we had the other weekend. The kids were quick to decorate but even quicker to eat...I think all Sam did was lick icing. The houses were cute and we had fun eating pizza and veggies afterward. Jo-Anne and her girls G and C came...we'd invited others, but very last minute, and so we had fun with just the 4 girls.
There's been a lot of baking and Christmas prep this week. It's been nice having Ben home. We had dinner with our friends Megan and family and Katie's preschool friend N and her family. 6 adults and 6 kids (though one is only 6 wks old) was a bit chaotic at the kids table. There were times where we adults couldn't converse for all the loud giggling!

Unfortunately, Sam woke up in the night throwing up...It's either that she ate too much or the bug that's apparently going around. She was fine after that until yesterday morning when she threw up again. Though I admit I gave her a full normal breakfast thinking she was all better...and I was definitely wrong. She seems fine's hoping we're healthy for the rest of the next few days as we have 4 dinners out in a row starting tonight.

Merry Christmas! (in case I don't post again until after Saturday)

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