Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeling Blah and an Overdue Video

Good morning!

Um...still have not found the camera cord. Will find it soon or I'm sure the camera will explode.

The girls are both feeling better...did I mention the day after Katie was sick last week, Sam got a fever too? Yep. Katie didn't go to school at all last week, but did make it this week.

Ben was sick on the weekend. Not quite the same thing as the girls but sick enough to be on the couch for a day or two.

BAM...then I got it this week on Wednesday. That was a long day but the girls were pretty good. There was a lot of them playing by themselves, a little extra tv for Katie and...I don't even remember how I made it through the day. Ben was great and came home as early as he could from work. And arranged to have someone cover his morning class so he could take care of the girls yesterday morning. That helped a lot...being able to sit and not talk and just relax myself all better.

I'm feeling better throat's still sore but it doesn't feel like my whole neck is swollen.

Katie's illness affected our night potty training, and upon advice from the Pediatrician's office, we're having her wear Pull-Ups and waking her at around 10 or 11pm to go to the bathroom. Training her body to wake up at night too pee. So far so good.

Also, Christmas is suddenly right around the corner (how did that happen!?) and the girls have started their Advent calendars. We have one each with Playdough treats (cutters and tiny playdough filed ornaments etc., a thoughtful gift from my cousin Meghan and her daughter Lucie) and the one that Gram made Katie last year which we've filled with chocolates. Sorry Sam, you're too young this year to get a chocolate a day, next year for sure!

Not sure what we're up to today...hopefully we can arrange a playdate of some kind.

Since I have no photos, I dug around a bit and remembered I hadn't ever shown you our Halloween video! Are you alright watching a video that's over a month old? (you'd better be ok with it, because you have no choice!)

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Enjoy your weekend!
PS...has anyone seen Sam's little knit Dolly? It's her best sleep buddy and it's been missing for a week! Napping has been if-ier and I think she'd settle down more easily at night if we had it. Look around and if you find it, let us know! =)

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