Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Kitties

This photo was the result of one of Sam's Un-Naps a few weeks ago. She took all the blankets etc and pulled them off the beds. And took her clothes off. She's a busy girl. These photos were taken at Ken's work Christmas Party. They had lots of great kids activities including face painting. I don't know if Katie started it, but after she got this kitty face I saw lots of other girls with kitty faces. Or maybe that's the only face the painters knew how to draw? (note Katie's Christmas dress from last was a bit big when I bought it and she refused to wear it more than the one time until a couple of months ago. Now we're wearing it once a week!)(Cute!)
Sam with the Christmas tree. I swear I saw her look at it... Think... Take a few steps closer...Then look around as if to think "See, they didn't even notice I moved closer!". I'm sure she's the one will worry about getting into our tree this year. Since we did decorate on Sunday afternoon, Sam has been taking off some ornaments here and there, but only the soft ones we put on the bottom, so it's not been too disastrous.
My friend M posted on her (private) blog recently and posted pictures about the trouble of getting family photos with too busy kids. I thought I'd post one of our attempts:
I was trying to get the girls in front of the trees. I had decided that kitty faces could be the new holiday "thing". The girls did not seem to agree.

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