Monday, December 27, 2010

More Pre-Christmas

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Our girls had a lovely Christmas but Ben and I (technically) did not, with both of us getting some bad stomach bug on Christmas day. Luckily, we made it through the present opening and brunch, but we were in terrible shape the rest Christmas day and the next. Thankfully, Gram Cheryl was able to help and came over for a bit in the evening to give the girls dinner and help get them ready for bed. Gram and Papa took the girls for much of boxing day so we could rest and recover. Thank goodness for family!

Illness aside, things were wonderful. Here are some photos from pre-Christmas.

Katie getting excited about putting up our tree.
Sam wasn't as excited but did help hang some (unbreakable) ornaments.
The girls and I had time to spare one morning and went to Starbucks and Chapters.
As much as we have the time to do this, I think we've been busy with errands or playdates and school etc, so haven't actually had much recent relaxed "no where else to be soon" play time together. It was fun and silly.
Laundry doesn't stop for holidays does it? Funny how the mountains of laundry stay as large, but the girls are looking bigger in the pile then they used to.
Silly Sam, still little enough to fit in a basket. I do believe it was Katie who covered her up with clothes. I did quite a bit more baking this year than I usually do...I'm more of a year round baker than a Christmas baker. These were cookies made from Gram Mary's dough (luckily for her she couldn't find her cutters and had to send it home with us!), saving me time and energy. Katie enjoyed helping me decorate while Sam was out shopping with Ben. Decorating with Katie is easier than baking, because I just let her do whatever she wants and decorate the rest as fast as I can before we have too many inch thick iced cookies, or cookies drowning in a bottles worth of sprinkles. The girls helped the grandparents decorate their Christmas trees. (I only have a picture of them at Gram and Papa's but they did Gram and Grandpa's too). Papa was reading "Twas the night before Christmas"...Sam, not that interested in sitting still. Look, more baking! Peppermint Meringue Cookies, from Joy the Baker. I didn't have the proper piping tools, so I just used a ziplock bag with a snipped tip. They maybe had a bit too much food colouring...the first ones piped were a little red and bloody looking and the rest still left quite a pink tint in your mouth when eaten. Still, they were easy and had a nice whoosh of peppermint. One fine evening was spent having dinner at our friends Russ and Steph and baby W's house. We exchanged gifts for the kids with them...So Much Fun for the kiddos! All gifts given and received were lovely and sweet. Especially the slippers...Katie got a pair of snowman slippers and she has worn them to bed every night since and skates around the house in during the day. Happiness is...!
More Christmas to come...!

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