Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank you...

Sam is napping on me in the sling as I type this one handed. I've prepared myself to surrender the nap battle...we'd lost the last three days with no nap. Her behaviour's not intolerable though, so while I think she's a bit young, maybe she knows what's best. But I'll take a nap from her here and there when I, she was pointing and asking for something and as best as I can figure it was the sling and a blanket. Add my favorite calming CD (recent re-found!) Jewel Lullaby and she fell asleep. I'm sure my back will thank me later.

Besides Sleepy Sam, what I'm really thankful for is the mysterious extra camera cord I found! While digging through our tech/CD cupboard looking for Christmas CD's, out tumbled this little black camera cord. I swear I've never seen it before. Early Christmas miracle?

We tried letting the girls put decals up in their room (some time ago now...). There were two identical sticker sheets, so the got one each. The decals were stiffer than the ones we have in the basement which made it pretty easy for the girls to work with.

Of course, that also makes it easier for them to pull off too. This happened later on the same day we stuck them up.

Here's a long promised skating photo! Videos to come. Ben and Katie.
Friends Megan and M.Rob and D. The rink is at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park.Sam was not into skating, but enjoyed watching.It has been a busy weekend with Christmas parties...Hopefully I can do some marathon blogging and tell you all about it soon. =)

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