Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Surprising Milestone...

Today was a sick day. Katie woke up with a fever. I kept her home from school (she cried about that) and the three of us took it easy.
Sam's diaper rash is back since her poops have (I think) been affected by her teething. Medicine and diaper cream are helping.
We've been eating lots of plain pasta and not too much fruit/fibre.

In all this I'm sure you're wondering "what was the milestone"?

Katie's First Movie.

I decided that since she was sick that she got all the books and tv time she wanted. (which gave me some reading/"napping with eyes open" time). Sam napped over 2 hours which helped. I had hoped this would be a more spectacular moment...maybe popcorn, Ben and I both there, a movie we've been dying to share with her. Nope. Horton Hears a Who which we had PVR'd a few weeks ago as a potential movie for her, just since it was there. We've enjoyed several versions of the book. I think it went ok. She watched most of it I think.

We also read some of Little House in the Big Woods...I've been itching to read this book to Katie. I enjoyed them so much as a little girl. I'm sure she doesn't understand everything but she does seem to enjoy it. Looking forward to more of this.

I think this sicknes is going to put a kink in our nighttime potty training...after a couple of sick issues earlier today, I threw a Sam diaper on Katie when we went downstairs (carpet you know!) and Ben and I have just agreed that messy nights would be even less fun than simply wet ones. Ben's out getting emergency diapers right now. Phew. Quick thinking since...

...I'm heading out to my last writing class in 45 minutes and dinner's just about ready. (garlic lemon chicken drumsticks, white rice and asparagus that I'm betting the girls don't touch.) Hope Ben's evening goes well.

Have a good night, hope you are not sick like some of us.

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