Friday, November 19, 2010

A little Grumpy...

I'm a little grumpy this morning. A few reasons why:

1. We took the gate off the girls bedroom for sleeping. Party because the plastic gate was getting a bit bent and the girls had figured out how to slip underneath. (gate=useless) Also partly because we've decided to try getting rid of Katie's night diapers. We have ONE diaper left. We'll use it tonight and then make sure we have a lot of clean sheets. Anyway...Sam stays in the room pretty well...we have to hold the door handle for about 20 minutes until she gives up. Katie on the other hand...while she goes to sleep better, she is waking up more and coming to see us in our bed. Maybe partly because she's going to the bathroom (we've told her we're going to start getting rid of diapers completely) and I think largely just for comfort. She'd been a bit wakey anyway lately...searching for her glowworm or other stuffed toy etc. It was a long night last night. I think I juet need to mentally plan for a weekend wake-a-thon.

2) Sam's been a bear this week. Not the whole time, but definitely having a few really fussy periods a day. And some diarrhea...I'm chalking it all up to molar teething.

3) This morning Sam got to and broke a musical snow globe...thankfully not the globe part, just the base. I'm mad because of the mess a bit, because she keeps getting into things she shouldn't (yay persistence, that'll be agreat character trait when she's older!) but mostly for sentimental reasons. The globe was used a lot when Katie was a wee baby when we needed to calm her and distract her while at the change table. It's sad to think that I won't someday be able to hand it down to her. Oh well, it's just an object.

4) Due to the gate thing, the girls woke up at about 5:20 AM this morning. Yuck. I refused to make breakfast until 6am.

5) Winter is officially here this -20 cold and a fair amount of snow. It's kind of fun and nice and bright, but it's going to take some getting used to.

There are many GOOD things though...!

1) Coffee. At home and free at McDonalds this week. I like free things. And coffee. Did I mention coffee?

2) When Sam was having some rough times this week, Katie has been an angel...helpful. Both to me and Sam.

3) I baked a yummy Cranberry Orange Bread for a play date yesterday and it was delicious. (though I didn't use any dried cranberries...only nice tart frozen ones!)

4) The girls have been playing really well together. Last night before bed the girls were racing around in a circle with their strollers and all four of us were laughing.

5)Katie has named one of her stuffed animals. Every time she says the name I almost can't not laugh out load. The name is Baby Join Join. I have no idea where it came from. ("Mom, I'm busy reading to Baby Join Join")

6)I've got cookie dough in the fridge ready and waiting to be baked this afternoon. I've found that with the two girls "helping" it's often easier time-wise to mix dough one day and bake it another. Hard to find time to do it all at once.

7) I've got all my fabric cut and ready to sew for some Christmas projects. Now comes the fun part. Can't wait until Sam's nap time!

8)I think we're planning on going to Millenium Place this morning with some friends. Warm swimming, indoor playground and nice company. Can't wait.

9) Which reminds me...I have video and pictures of Katie's first time ever skating from last weekend. Sam wasn't interested but Katie loved it. She liked it so much that I searched on Kijiji the next day about picked up 2 pairs of skates for her (2 sizes) in our neighbourhood for THREE DOLLARS. (that last point has a lot of good things, doesn't it?) (but I still can't find the camera cord...I'll get Ben to look this weekend)

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