Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello Friday!

I'm uploading a video that we took while playing with playdoh the other day, like in this picture:
It's kind of cute...I'll post it when it's ready. I have a few videos to post, I'll work on it.
Here are some photos I almost forgot about from Katie's preschool party. (really just during the drop off and pick up, other kids faces are blurred). This yellow dude (I forgot who his costume is...) is cute and knows how to pose for a picture!
Katie the Fairy. I love this photo because her face has such a cute heart shape. She actually looks like this a lot but I don't manage to get many photos of it. I just think she's so cute!
Here's Katie with her friends (yellow man in background is a friend too). These 4 really like playing at the playground and running in the field after school. They're very lucky the weather has held out...we're still getting plus temperatures this week. (I just checked the weather and it's currently 12 7:30am!!)
Sam's hair is getting longer and fluffier (that's what happens before it gets thicker) so I'm trying pigtails a little bit. Super cute, but with a high level of difficulty in execution. Sam says "Ow" a lot during, but I really think it sounds a bit fake and suspect she's copying Katie's "Ows" from when I brush her hair.
Not sure what the plan is for today, but I'm thinking we should go outside. I'll let you know!

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