Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last Of Christmas

The last of the Christmas photos...there isn't much taken after Christmas morning since we were sick.

Here's Ben reading Twas the Night Before Christmas the night before Christmas.
Unflattering photo of me with the girls on Christmas morning. Bed head and a smile to hide how sick I was really feeling.
Happy Sam.
Katie crawling under the tree to get presents.
Neither of the girls is looking at the camera, but it looks like such a clear, well lit photo, I had to use it!
The New Year has been good so far. Katie went back to school yesterday and Sam and I went to strollercize...walking but working out at least! We had an off night the night before last, and Katie was awake seemingly all night for reasons unknown. The last two nights were better, although last night/this morning Sam was cuddled up in bed with us and it wasn't until she peed that we realized she'd taken off her diaper sometime back in her room.

Ah...Parenthood. =)

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