Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 2nd Sam!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sam!

Yo are azazing. I cannot write enogh to explain how Och so...partly becase yo are so special that I do not have enogh words or stories to share...

...partly becase I devastatingly spilled coffee on the laptop last week. This dear laptop, which is a wee bit older than yoqw, works fairly well, bt we are having SEVERAL isses with teh Letter Before Vs and Letter Before Ns. Not good. (no apostrophe either)

Ill spend socxze tie toorrow typing soething great bt I need ore tie to copy/paste the letters I need.

A preview or toorrows blog?...We Love YoIUeqrtw...Yo are cte and cddley and or lives are so xzch rivher with yo arond. (does that last line ake ANY sense?)

Love o (a three letter word that refers to the one who birthed yoIUY)

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