Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some January Pictures!

Here's a photo of the girls new play/craft/breakfast table. A Christmas gift from Gram and Grandpa. Hoping to keep crafts there instead of clearing off the dinner table every night. (PS...Katie took this picture, that's why it's so fuzzy. I have no excuse for other pictures!) =)
Katie painting the tea set she got for Christmas. (at the craft table!)
While the newspaper was out she was inspired to redecorate. She did this all by herself. With a Globe and Mail I hadn't quite finished reading. Oh well! =)
Sledding (the last day before Ben went back to work!)...we thought it was warm out...turns out that -6 is a little colder when you factor in the wind. But the girls were bundled and managed alright!
Sam REALLY wanted to go on the swings...I think she misses going to the playground.
Katie pulled Sam all the way home. We stayed out just long enough to warrant some hot chocolate. In new Princess mugs. I think when Katie says she wants to go sledding now, it really translates into "I want some hot chocolate.".

We had a big storm over the weekend giving us almost 30cm of snow in 2-3 days. Perfect for sledding if it weren't for the -30 I mentioned this morning. Stay warm!

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