Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week in Point Form

-The brakes on the van broke (died? went? disappeared?) on the way to preschool on Tuesday.
- The vehicle we borrowed (Thank yo AA!) wouldnt start the next morning.
- We finally looked into/asked ourselves why the washing machine wasnt draining all the water after a cycle...the answer? Bobby pins and other small bits. Check your pockets twice!
- We still do not have a microwave...our decision...a bit laziness, a bit thriftiness, a bit of -Hey, we are surviving withot one.
- Bringing in the computer today for the fix. (hopeflly...I have some qestions about how it is running that will determine if we spend the $$.) (as I type this, I copy/pasting the trouble letters in as I review)

In all this there have been some Silver Linings
- Sam and I celebrated Birthdays...cake, presents, family and friends...Yay!
- The van was fixed in a day. (yay Toytech!)
- We were able to borrow a car.
- Thank goodness for family and friends.
- No one was sick (some friends of ours had a rough week).
- A playdate was moved to a closer friends house so that the girls and I could walk over, since we couldnt drive.
- With Grandpas help, we managed to fix the washing machine ourselves ($yay$).
- I had my Get to Know Your Sewing machine class, and it was great.

We have a busy weekend ahead...Two Birthday Parties, one that we are hosting, the other we are attending. Hope you have a great weekend!

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