Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Days!

Well, I have a borrowed keyboard for the laptop. Time for catchup!
Sam, wearing a cute sweater I made her. She refused the wear it for months. And hasn't worn it since.
The girls watching the fireplace at Gram and Papa's house. (might have been a cold day...we had a few snowy and cold days in January)
On one of the coldest days we decided to go out for dinner at Boston Pizza. we hadn't gone out for dinner as a family since maybe in the summertime? It was so nice...the girls were great and they coloured and were patient waiting for the food.
Our first day of swimming lessons was cancelled...the pool broke somehow and was freezing cold. So we went and played in the indoor playground with our friends D and M. M with funny hair in this pic.
Sam in the little playhouse.
Some pictures of the snow...from our front window.Katie shoveling.Look how much snow! (looking into our back yard, through the kitchen window)Joanne and her girls came over for a visit and my girls invited them to stay and watch a show. So cute to see them all cuddled on the blanket.
The girls, helping me bake...Katie's wearing the Christmas present jammies that Joanne gave her...she wore them almost for two days straight. Loves them!

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