Monday, February 7, 2011


Happy Sunday evening!

I still owe you a Sam Birthday Letter, but I also have to finish knitting up a hat for a new baby in our family (my cousin Kathleen recently had a baby boy!) so you just get some recent photos and comment.

The girls greatly admired our friend W's new firetruck car. The girls colouring when we arrived early for church one week. Yes, Katie did wear her fairy costume.
All the photos I took of Sam's birthday dinner were candid and useless, so all I have is this one of Sam and Gram playing with the new train set. (still a hit and gets played with daily...almost worth the million pieces!)
We had lunch at the other Gram's the next day (Sam's actual birthday). This is the kind of lovely picture I should have gotten the night before. She's wearing a mew outfit from Gram Cheryl and eating cake baked by Gram Mary. .
Katie had written a card to Gram to express her thanks for the cake she had brought to dinner the night before. I helped tell her how to spell the words, but she decided what she was going to write and wrote it all herself.
It was a busy weekend...included was some fun at a drop in gymnastics gym with Joanne and her girls. there was a ton of running and jumping and giggling. Sam is such a jumper. Katie made friends with the older girls and ran her heart out. I've never seen her cheeks stay red so long. Pictures and video someday soon.

...After I finish knitting the hat!

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