Friday, January 14, 2011

Haircuts and Bowling!

Last week we went for coffee with Grandpa Ken, celebrating his recent successful hip replacement (making use of his healing time away from work).
The girls got their hair cut the next day. Sam's very first one! She behaved very well and really barely got any cut off...we just wanted to clean up the scraggly in the back. Looks much neater now!
The girls had a delightful tea party with the new tea set. Filled the pot with a bit of water and Katie politely poured tea for everyone and we nibbled on small cookies. How posh! (as Fancy Nancy would say, "that's a fancy word for fancy!")
Last weekend, in the middle of about a 30 cm dump of snow, we celebrated our friend D's 4th Birthday with a bowling party! The kids has a great time!
They even had little kid shoes!
Ben and I,of course, brought our own you know/remember that we bowled in a league at this very same bowling alley for 2 years in a row? The first year I was pregnant with Katie and bowled right up until just a couple of weeks before she was born. Such great memories. Sam doesn't yet share our enthusiasm for the sport. She didn't even want to walk on the lane in her shoes. The party was great and it was just so nice to be celebrating the birthday of such a wonderful little guy.

It's still cold today. I'm so "over" winter. Here's hoping that upcoming birthday celebrations and maybe a slight increase in temperature make the season a little more bearable!

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