Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What a great day so far...we had a playdate with Megan and the boys. We usually only see them at SS but for various reasons decided an extra midweek non-sweaty playdate was in order. The weather was lovely and we walked to a park near their house. We had a superb time just letting the kids play together. Fun fun fun! I may have a picture but not yet on the computer and I'm too lazy to get it right now.

Here's a picture of the girls and JoAnne's girls from our playdate at ChaptersStarbucks (I say it as if it were all one word, and I think you should too.) =)
Hard time getting the girls to sit still for a picture, but they're all in it!
Sam like to give herself cup noses.
Right before going outside to play in the backyard last week .
Other things...
- Katie sings now...makes up her own songs. It's funny and great and I love it.
- Sam does this cute thing where sometimes, when she gets angry and has a tantrum, she RUNS away yelling/screaming/crying. The sound of the footsteps is my favorite part. It's kind of funny...Ben had a hard time not letting her see him laughing when he saw it.
- The girls are still sometimes sharing a bed at night...Katie told Ben "Sometimes, when the Angry Giants come at night, I trick them by going to Sam's bed" (or something similar). Hmm...we did think she was having nightmares a bit...I'm very happy knowing she can comfort herself with Sam.
- It was a 5:30 am wake up this morning. I was NOT ready for that. I think I had three cups of coffee this morning and I was still bleary. Though Katie's sill napping maybe 2/3 days for the past week, I'm not sure I see her napping today. At least not yet, we'll see what she's like in an hour.
- Playgrounds are the thing these days...we went to one with Ben after was so nice to spend some time with him...he was so busy this past week I think we maybe saw him for 30 min a day. The girls love having him back. As do I! =)

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