Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Weekend

Here are some pictures from Ben's "Triathlon" (they took out the bike component because it was so cold and a bit icy) last weekend:
The girls watching Ben swim, with Papa.
Ben swimming. We didn't stay and wait for him to finish the run since it was pretty chilly and rainy outside, but Ben says it went well.
I got Katie in pigtails last week, and this was the best picture I could get (with Ladybug antennae).
Sam was rearranging furniture (AGAIN).

Pictures from our super-fun playdate with my friend Megan and her adorable boys (D and M). Katie got her shirt wet at the playground, so took it off when we got back to their backyard...D seems to think it's odd, but I think Katie's got the confidence to pull it off. M and Sam had fun walking around. We went to another playground last week (I feel like we did a lot of that as the weather was pretty good.).Saturday we went into St. Albert for their Children's festival. We had fun listening to music and getting the girls faces painted. Lots of fun, but we were glad we got their was starting to get busy around 11am when we left. Another playground, a relatively new one in Greenfield. Wood chips mostly instead of sand and some fun and interesting features (plastic bongos! climbing walls!). Today was a very busy day...I pre-made lasagna in the morning, went to strollercize, went to Gram's for lunch and a visit, drove home to find Sam and Katie both fell asleep in the car, left the kids in car and ran in quick to change out of my work out clothes, drove to my friend Pam's for a playdate. The timing was perfect as Sam woke up just as we finished our extended tour of the neighbourhood in time for the playdate. We had a lovely visit with Pam and her little guy D, who's about 14 months old. Then, home just in time to put the lasagna in the oven, eat and pick up Ben at work. We managed to fit in a quick trip to the library and then home for bed. Seriously, was that a busy day or what? =)

Through all this, I have a couple of observations: Sam has become a CLIMBER. She can climb up onto the ottoman with ease and into the little desk with aplomb. I don't think it'll take long for her to figure out how to push a stool or ottoman near something she wants to climb (like couch or kitchen chair). I'll let you know when I see her do it.

Also, 123 magic, the new discipline technique Ben and I decided to try at the recommendation of the Pediatrician is going fairly well...we've only been doing it since Saturday...and I don't think we're yet using it on every behaviour we want stopped yet...I guess we're used to "ignore" and other tactics. But, when we have used the counting, it's not working out too badly. Haven't yet had to really use it out in public and that'll be the real test. Stay tuned...!

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