Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another One...

The girls sharing the ottoman...see how Sam likes to climb?
We went to Ben's work last week to pick him up and the girls played with some chalk. Katie's just tall enough to reach the blackboard and Sam took chalk from the box and put some on all the desk seats. They both has fun. Ben noticed how tiny they look in a big empty classroom with huge desks...can't imagine them ever being as big as a high school kid!
We went to Tim's for coffee this past week.
I tried making a new snack. Ants on a log, cream cheese style (I have it in my head that I'm actually not sure what the true filling for this snack it supposed to be peanut butter? Cream cheese? Cheeze Whiz? Or is it equally appropriate to use any filling? Hmm.). We had three each, Katie, Sam and I. (Sam was napping and in the end when she woke up didn't eat hers...she gave the kind of "ugh" face that happens before she even gets a taste!)
Notice something?
Katie has a special way of eating these:
She did eventually take a bite of two of the celery, but I'll have to either go real easy on the filling (whichever it is!) or wait a bit before trying this again. Can't have her just eating filling can I?Sam prefers deconstructed panini sandwiches. This weekend was a busy one. Saturday morning we went to the downtown farmers market and ran into Gram and Grandpa who were eating pancake breakfast. Two seconds later, we squeezed into their picnic table and joined them. Yum! Pancakes! The weather was lovely and there was lots to see. Katie got balloon fairy wings and Sam got a plain old nice balloon. We didn't end up buying anything...couldn't decide and had dinner plans anyway, so we didn't need food for that night.

Our dinner plans involved going to a party for Megan's husband Rob (D and M's dad) who was celebrating getting his PhD. The party was in the backyard and the kids all had a blast. (There were lots of people and LOTS of kids!)

This morning we had a lovely brunch visit with Russ, Steph and (not-so-baby-) W. Again, outside in their lovely backyard.

On the way home, we went shopping for lunch fixings and a new baby gate for the basement. The old one broke when I was running from the playroom to help Ben with the repaired microwave (free repair!!!) and the gate wouldn't open quick enough and my momentum had me fall right on top of it...broken slats and bruises everywhere. Feels very silly to buy a new gate at this stage, but we do really need it to keep the girls (especially Sam) safe while we fiddle with laundry or run upstairs to grab things.

Ah well...the weather's been incredible this weekend, we ate lunch and dinner outside with the girls tonight, put water in the one half of the sand table, mowed the lawn, did laundry/dishes and did a big bunch of cleaning in the spare/storage room in the basement. Feels wonderful. Counting down the days until Ben starts summer and every day is like a weekend.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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