Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Cute!

Yesterday I caught Sam doing the cutest thing! We were shopping (and bought a tent!) and as Sam was running around in circles and bending her knees she's babbling. I'm kind of ignoring the babbling because I'm really just busy trying to follow her around the store and not lose her and then I realize...the's NOT's a very fuzzy string of sounds that is actually "...and we all fall DOWN". She's singing Ring Around the Rosies! So cute!

She also must have seen us hang some laundry because I found a sock hanging on the freezer handle:
Katie moved our coffee/side table the other day and made a comfy desk. (She's sitting on the ottoman). I don't have the heart to tell her to get used to it because there's years of homework and studying coming her way down the road. She looks so cute and grown up doesn't she?And Katie took a nice picture of Sam while we were out for coffee last week. Maybe someday we'll make the blog a team effort. We had pizza for dinner of the BEST pizzas we've ever made. You MUST MUST MUST try cooking your homemade pizza on the BBQ grill. It was insanely good. I tried a new dough recipe which worked really well and was easy. Made sauce from scratch (including fresh tomatoes, but I think I'll use canned when possible because it's just too much work with the kiddos around) that really needed more flavour/spice (athough I really liked the texture). And had fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and fresh basil. YUM YUM. We actually did one pizza on the grill and one in the oven due to space reasons and the grill was far better. And FASTER...I had no idea it would be so much quicker. It wasn't exactly 90 seconds but maybe 5 minutes? I should add that we did get a bit of a dark crust on the bottom of our pizza...we made a mental note to turn down the grill just a tad...but it was still great.

Please promise me you'll try this? =)

Sam's napping, thank goodness! We had a great night's sleep last one woke up...for the first time in ages (teething how I loathe you!!). But Sam was so cranky this morning (Teething, see previous parentheses!) I couldn't wait to put her down (for a nap). Constant tears, angry running, and back arching. So frustrating. Here's hoping a nap turns that frown upside down!

Going to a payground soon to play with friends...should be good...hope your day is good too!

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