Friday, June 25, 2010

They're Back!

Ben was away for a work thing earlier this week, Monday through Wednesday evening...The girls and I really missed him. We're so glad he's back!

While he was gone we had a lovely dinner at Russ and Stephs...W and Sam played piano!
I sewed a bit more this week...I made this super cute baby dress for a friends new baby.
See how the straps tie up? It's not been gifted yet...but I don't think she's a blog reader. And I'm assuming she's too busy with her new baby girl to read it anyway! Hope to drop it off soon.
The girls and I went to a playground on Thursday. We packed swimsuits to wear in the spray park, but turns out it was closed. =( It was a super hot morning, so it was good that we got there early. Sam's LOVES swings. That's almost all she wants to do at the park now. I suppose it's better than chasing two girls in different directions.
Katie was over here on a (wearing boots, her choice)
But then Katie wanted to swing too. Usually I tell her she's too big for baby swings, but I didn't see any other swings at this playground. ( I think because there are a couple of bigger kid parks right close by)(Greenfield)This afternoon, I took the girls for their first bike ride of the season...maybe Sam's first bike ride ever? It wasn't long but it was great. We stopped once to check out a garage sale, but found nothing good. No kids things. Ben and I often joke that really, they should be called "Garbage Sales"...but I keep hoping to find a diamond in the rough. Not a bad time killer for an afternoon. (we'd already gone to the park earlier, before strollercize)You know who else is back? SAM...we've had her first happy day in what seems like forever (but may actually be only two weeks or so). Whether it was her stomach bug or teething or something else, she's seemed really grumpy and surly lately. Hard to please, needy...all that. Today was the first day in ages where I heard her giggle spontaneously. And where I felt I could do something to try and make her laugh without being afraid I would actually tick her off. It's so nice to see that smile again! I think because she's been off for such a significant period of time, I kind of forgot what was normal for her. THIS is definitely the normal I like to see. It made the day so much easier and less draining. Let's hope the rest of summer is as fun for all of us. Ben's last day is Wednesday, so we're counting down.

Enjoy your weekend!

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