Thursday, July 1, 2010

Warm Weather Fun

We've had some amazing weather lately! Nice hot days with stunning thunder showers in the evening to cool us off. Perfect!

Was is Sunday we went to Gram and Grandpa's? Must have been...Lots of running around the backyard.
Look at these cute girls! Posing on Grandpa's new rocks. Sam's wearing one of my favorite Katie skirts. Sam'll get much more wear out of it seasonally...I'm so thrilled! (Thanks Auntie Patty!)
We also walked down to the "lake" nearby. So nice to cool off and splash in the water.
Tuesday night we went for our traditional End of the School Year ice cream. (a day early due to scheduling conflicts). I have more pictures from my mom, but I'll post those tomorrow. Katie was pretty excited!
Sam couldn't eat the ice cream fast enough...we all ate faster too! Papa shared some of his chocolate with her...well, actually I think she got some of everybody's.Wednesday we had an excellent play date and out first time ever at the zoo! Kids love trains! D and Katie in the front.Sam and M in the back.We also the merry-go-round. Katie screamed to get off before we started and Sam only screamed a little bit. Truthfully, it she might have been screaming because she was slipping a bit while I took pictures. Once I was done she settled in nicely. D was a pro. (didn't get a good shot of M)There were lots of neat animals...the lemurs were so much fun, and there was a petting zoo and ducks and a huge elephant and wolves...But I only really got some good pictures of the tigers. Katie was tired and taking a turn in the stroller. (Maybe stop waking up at 5:30 AM and you won't be so tired? Just a suggestion.)D and Sam watching closely.We made sure to bring a picnic lunch too. We love picnics!
It was Ben's last day of school for the year and I baked cookies to celebrate. A mountain of them. The recipe says it makes 2.5 dozen, but I'm sure I got at least 3.5. Yummy!Yesterday was Canada Day. We celebrated mostly by taking it easy. Sam didn't nap super well in the morning. I opened the door to find her like this:What a goofy giggling girl!While dad went for a bike ride the girls and I played with play dough. Sam's first time! I'd been avoiding it until now because I thought she might still be in a "eat it" phase, but she didn't eat a bit (that I noticed). I think she enjoyed squishing the different colours. And she's wearing a nice red/white Canada Day dress? Cute. Katie wouldn't wear her red dress. We also tried setting up our tent in the backyard. Just for practice. Good thing too since the instructions are terrible and we ended up ripping a hole (2!) in one of the sleeves that holds the poles to the tent. Luckily we called the store and they had no problem exchanging it. So really, that's how we spent our Canada Day. We ended the day with a super meal at Gram and Papa's. My Uncle Joe and Auntie Joan were over and the girls had a great time running around the backyard after dinner playing with gigantic bubble wands. I know Gram has pictures so I'll try and post those tomorrow too.

Also...Sleeping has NOT been great lately. I'm feeling very cranky about it. Maybe it's teething (we blame everything on teething...everyone dose, it what parents DO!) or Katie rolling over and kicking Sam in the night or Katie wanting to potty in the middle of the night instead of in her diaper. Either way, Ben and I decided last night to go back to "sleep training" mode and try and wean them off the wake ups. Don't know what do do about the early wake up though. The alarm clock we got Katie works, but Sam's a bit young to follow it. Oh well, thank goodness for coffee.

Today Ben's planning on joining me at Strollercize. Wish him luck! =)

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