Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News, Bad News and A Beard.

The good news is...Katie is NAPPING. (!!!) For the second day in a row. On "mom and dad's" bed. The bad news is...I think it's partly because she's been feeling under the's been a rough week. BUT maybe she's also realizing how nice a good proper nap a big fancy grown up bed. I hope...?

My secret? Both today and yesterday I left her reading in the big bed and said I was going away to do something and come right back...but I didn't come right back. Yesterday was legit...I was trying unsuccessfully to download kids audiobooks from our library for her. (my sore throat was tired of reading aloud). Took forever to figure out that I wasn't going to make it work and by the time I went back to her, she was sleeping! Today, I was crafty, and when we were reading and she looked snuggly and cuddly, I said I had to go do something in the kitchen and come right back. And here I am...I think she fell asleep in 5 minutes this time. We'll see if I can continue my success or not.

Real pictures from when we made cookies this week...Katie says "Would you like a taste?".

"...but not you Sam!" (I can only tell this by the look on her face, she didn't actually say it).Sam says "Who needs cookies when you're sitting on the table?"
Ben's beard:And back to normal, after a quick shower and shave. A fun experiment but he couldn't wait to shave it off!

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