Thursday, February 4, 2010

An excerpt...

And excerpt from an email I sent to Auntie Alli this morning:

Katie's been really awful about getting dressed lately. She never likes what we pick out and if I let her pick completely, she either picks things that are too small or out of season. (even if I take them out of the clothes drawer and put them up high on the shelf. And then we end up wearing the same 2 outfits all the time (or so it seems...must be more than 2 since I can't think of specifically what outfits these are at the moment). So she either whines and cries about it before and as we get dressed or magically takes her clothes off while I'm out of sight (down doing laundry for example, as I was this morning). I'm not really worried about her being naked or not getting dressed before we go out, it's just SO exhausting having to battle this every single day. And there's a whole WACKLOAD of CUTE clothes that she absolutely refuses to wear. (this might be what bugs me most of all) I even went through a spell of trying to buy her more clothes here and there so she'd have some options, but she just doesn't like any of them.
Goodness. What a pain in the butt. =)

I'm not really furious, just humourously exasperated.

Any thoughts/tips on how to deal? Anyone? In the comments or email me directly.

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