Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Down and Out and Back Again.


Apologies for the big radio silence...we were hit with a stomach flu last week (All 4 of after the other, over the long weekend, darn it!) and it completely threw off my blogging momentum.

I'm gearing back and have video and stories to share. Hoping this picture-less post re-motivates me.

Sam's 13 months old today! Yay! It really feels like we have two toddlers in the house now. Sam's walking comfortably, though if she has a couple of tumbles (usually when tired and almost always face first...ouch!) she takes a break from walking for half a day or so. She's getting faster too! She can turn around mid room, walk with toys in both hands, and smile while doing it.

We've got her recent bout with diaper rash nearly under control (phew!)(recipe = medicine AND diaper cream). A molar arrived recently too! This was painful for just about all of us. =)

Sam's also really getting into reading and wanting to be read too. You'll often see her walking towards you with a book that gets quickly shoved into your face if you're not fast enough to grab it.

That's all for now, be in touch soon!

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