Monday, June 1, 2009

The pictures that I promised.

Here are the pictures I promised. With short-ish comments.

Here's Steph and Russ's Baby W. So cute!
Sam in her Bumbo at Gram and Papa's last week.
Sam eating her first solid food (doesn't she look small next to Ben?).
Rice cereal Yum! (except the part where I bought cereal made with skim milk powder which gave Sam a reaction...I've mentioned I'm off Dairy because Sam seems a bit sensitive to dairy? We've since bought the cereal without milk in it, but it was harder to find.)
Katie in her new shorts and top from Gram Cheryl.
And then she spied her "Princess Dress" (as she called it, not me) and wore that over the shorts for most of the rest of the day.Girls in dresses.Out for coffee at Tim's with Papa,And Mrs. Ferguson.Mrs. F's son Henri popped by and Katie had her usual reaction to a man: (I get hugs for the rest of the visit)
Dad and Sam. We were playing in Katie's room and Dad had to come see what was going on because Katie and I were laughing up a storm. She'd been reading to me from a book and actually pointing to the correct words...which I realize isn't reading but probably mimicking but it still freaked me out a bit and caused giggles.Sam's a natural in the Jolly Jumper...picked it up quicker than Katie I think. (though both girls love the JJ). Katie's expressing interest in all Sam's new toys. Sam and Baby W...we went for a quick visit last Tuesday and had to get a comparison shot. Sam in the exersaucer, Katie watching.The other picture I took...funny faces. Ben and I got dressed up on Friday for Gram Mary's retirement party and Katie fell in love with my shoes. And snuck into the Bumbo when I wasn't looking. Can't believe she managed to get in there!We did Cry It Out and put the girls in the same room Sat night. It went better than expected. Sam did wake up a lot but Katie wasn't bothered at all and slept through almost all of it. Sam did wake up at 6 on Sunday morning and though I could ahve used a sleep in, she and I walked over to Tim's and brought back some celebratory muffins. Katie has been moved to the booster seat because she's a big girl and we'll need the high chair for Sam at some point. Last night was night 2 of cry it out and went better...I think Sam only woke up once in 11 hours. We're enjoying having the bedroom to ourselves...nice not to have t creep into bed and pray we don't wake the sleeping vaby. Weeven managed to do some laundry...after the kids were in bed...what a treat! (that's half sarcasm there).

So things are great. Hope you are too.

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