Friday, June 12, 2009

Feels like summer...!

We're having a great week the rest of this week...(Monday wasn't great if I remember correctly). I broke down and used the camera a bit this week. Still haven't found the charger (and ok, haven't looked terribly hard, it's been busy!).

Last weekend we made waffles and put blueberries in the dips (whatever you call them). Yum.
We also went to the farmers market downtown and they had balloon ladies!
Katie got a lovely kitty...on a leash! (see the was SO CHILLY!)
Sam was there too and we kept her toasty warm. Here's the dress I knit Katie that she wore to Auntie Andrea's shower.

This week we had a park date with Joanne and her's been a while since we've seen them and they were all excited!
It was nice and warm and felt like summer. The girls are all three so nice and independent we just watch them go everywhere and help out when needed. Sam is super dependent, and without sunscreen because she's too young, so she's in the stroller almost the whole time.

The girls climbed the pretend hoodoo almost all by themselves. And there were neat bouncy toys.
With the warm weather I was wondering if I could braid Katie's hair...and it worked! I used a wee bit of hairspray but it still fell out. But it was cute while it lasted!
And since this post is a little Katie heavy with the pictures, I throw in another one of Sam...I took this using the laptop camera the week before last. She's in the exersaucer which she quite enjoys. Have a great weekend!

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