Friday, June 19, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Another episode of "Things I've been Meaning To Tell You"....
(A little knitting project has kept me busy in the evenings with no energy left to blog afterward, but it's now finished so here we are!)

- For a week or two, Sam's been practicing with her tongue and blowing "raspberries" and making a sort of "pplft" sound.

- Sam's had a few great sleep nights again. (thank goodness!)

- Sam's discovered her toes and feet...she grabs them and hangs on and looks at them.

- She's also getting much stronger while lying on her tummy...pushing up with fully extended arms so that she can look around and doing this longer and more frequently than before. AND with some gentle, early leg pushing movements. She may crawl sooner than someone else we know.

- Cereal is going well mostly and she's definitely learning to keep the food in her mouth better. Seems like her face/chin gets really red after eating the Barley cereal but I'm not sure if it's the "May Contain Milk" on the label (so hard to find Barley ceral, let alone some that doesn't contain milk), or the fact that it seems a bit rougher in texture than the other, creamier cereals and maybe it rubs against her skin when we wipe her face after eating. She does seem to have more sensitive skin than Katie.

- Sam is being SUCH a happy baby now...practices turning over (may have had a first rollover yesterday...not sure if it counts or was all the way so I'll post a picture to get your opinion) and grabbing toys and gurgling.

- Aside from gurgling/babbling, she's started screaming...not upset like, but just testing her voice loud can she get and what range of notes. Kind of exciting but also kind of hurts my ears because it's so loud and high pitched.

- Has been amazing us with her sentences...crazy things like "Papa, May I please go to playgroup?" (completely unprompted). And she describes/narrates everything it seems. She also compares things "Katie's shirt is pink just like her pants".

- She lined up all her animals on the front window ledge...Her "Animal Train".

- Calls her new swingset/slide (a second hand gift from a family friend) the "Little Park" (as in "I want to go play in the Little Park". (simlar to this one, bit with a little roof over the slide platform)

- Definitely notice an increase in pretend play these days. (can't think of a specific example)

- And thankfully, a big decrease in whining.

- We had our last day of playgroup yesterday. There was a pot luck (snacks etc) and a bouncy castle type was rented. Katie went in (with my help) but started crying right away so I took her out. I think she was happy to play with the other toys that were more available since many kids were on the bouncy thing. (tried to find a picture on line but couldn't...will post our pictures soon)

- Yesterday as we were staring supper, Katie threw up...perhaps something she ate at the party? Didn't seem out of sorts in any other way so I suspect it's something she ate.

- Katie likes getting dizzy and walking in circles.

I do have pictures and a video or two on the camera so will post those shortly, but just wanted to get some things here to share right away. See you soon!

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