Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day/Birthday!

Yesterday was both Ben's birthday and Father's Day! Proving that he really deserves the Father of the Year Award (which he was going to win anyway...) he found the camera battery charger! Yay! So, we took lots of pictures yesterday and I have lots to share with you. (Though, truthfully, I don't feel like downloading the pics off the camera, so you get the ones I downloaded on Friday but didn't post.)(Weekend pics coming soon.)

A couple of weeks ago, Gram Cheryl stopped by with a friend's puppy. Katie loved the puppy. LOVED the puppy. (I'll start practicing now..."no Katie/Sam, we're not getting one.")
The puppy (Indy...spelling?) liked Katie too but was too excited to sit for long!
Sam, finding her feet.
Katie's Animal Train (which I think I mentioned last post). The man who delivers our community newspaper (The Examiner) smiled at me in the window as he walked up with the paper. As I said "Thank you." (for the paper) through the door he mentioned that the display of toys reminded him of when his kids were young. Must be a thing kids do.
They also like to try and play with their siblings...which at this age is mostly Katie talking to Sam and trying to make her smile. "That's a nice smile!" she yells/shrieks/says shrilly. It actually is nice because if I'm busy I can sometimes get Katie to hang out with Sam and Sam sometimes stops crying.

Speaking of happy...
And here's the "roll over" that I thought Sam had done...upon looking closer at the picture, I think it was less of a rollover than I first thought. She did have her hips front down on the floor, but that arm is still underneath and judging by how easily and quickly she "rolled" back...Verdict = Not A Rollover. Soon though!
And more happy...
Sam in a skirt that I had thought was took big...but fits just right with a wee bit of room to grow...Yikes! Better start taking a closer look at our 6 month stuff.Sam had some time to air out on our bed the other day. She can push-up so well now!
It's nice to see her naked a bit...we put clothes on so quick and often, that I sometimes feel like I'm not seeing all of her. In my mind I say "who is this nice pudgy soft perfect little baby girl?"...wasn't it just yesterday that we had ourselves a skinny newborn?Katie wowed a fellow strollercizer today. We were playing at the indoor playground beforehand and the mom, who has a daughter a few weeks younger than Katie, was impressed with her talking full sentences. Katie constructs wonderful sentences..."Yesterday we had a party for Dad" and "Sam is sleepng and Katie is awake" (she still often refers to herself in the third person). Ever conversation with her wows me too these days.

Hope you're having a good day!

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love the nak ed baby photos!

Auntie Andrea