Monday, June 8, 2009

An update

Well. Um...where do I begin today? We are good.

Can I tell you about the camera? It's fine, not broken or anything, but I've misplaced the battery charger and one battery is dead and the other is close...I think.

So, I've been avoiding taking pictures too much this last week.

It's too bad because we had a busy weekend and could have had many more photos than I took...BBQ at Auntie Andrea's Saturday night with some friends and people that are involved in the upcoming wedding. It was a nice evening. Sam was good, ate her cereal well and though she was tired, ended up cuddling lots and wasn't too screamy. Katie had a great time with the two puppies that were there (Nova and her friend Emma...same type of cute wiener dog). The two were chasing each other and playing and it looked like Katie wanted to jump right in.

Interestingly, some of Uncle Sheldon's army friends were there and Katie wasn't scared at all. (you know, the man thing.) She even hung outside with them and Sheldon while Ben and I were in the house.

Sunday was a busy day. I was prepping for Andrea's wedding shower in the morning and attending the shower (and family dinner following the shower). I'm always amazed at how many lovely ladies we have in our family when we have these get togethers...we are so lucky! The weather could have been a bit warmer, but the food was great and fun was had. The girls were dressed up...Sam in a little sundress...with onesie and matching pants (not really meant to be worn all together but it was chilly) and Katie wore a cute little dress that I knit her. Auntie Andrea was definitely well showered.

As for Sam's sleeping...we had a wonderful stretch, almost a week of 10+ hours straight sleep, but the past two nights there's been at least one wake up and this morning an early (pre-6am) rise for both girls. I'll be very honest and say I'm exhausted today. Super exhausted. I think we're all also just getting over a cold (or maybe it's the beginning of seasonal allergies?) and add that to the busy weekend and a strollercize today and I'm very close to heading to bed right now.

Sam's had some red cheeks lately too and there were many comments at the shower that perhaps she is teething. Maybe this is the case...first teeth often come in around 6 months, but apparently teething pain can start as early as 4 months. Who knew? Sam has had a few tiny screamy moments in the past couple of days as well and I vaguely remember Katie having moments like this but not sure if it was teething (you never ever ever REALLY know what's going on do you?).

I'm convinced the sleeping will fix itself and that the weather will warm up and that Ben will be finished school in a few weeks and summer will be awesome. =) (had to dig a little harder for all the silver linings today but there they are!)

Bonus good news...My cousin Mark announced his engagement to the lovely Christine! Yay!

And...I have a video! Sam on her first day in the JJ (as we call the Jolly Jumper...even Katie calls it the JJ). You can see she got the hang of it really quickly. I'm sure you'll be seeing more videos of the JJ soon. (if I can find the battery charger).

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Hugs to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to Heather and Auntie Diane for the lovely shower on the weekend! We are so lucky to have such amazing family and support. The gifts are all lovely and it was great to see everyone (we've been too busy to do that much lately, so that was the best part!)

thanks again!!