Friday, May 29, 2009

A 4 month week


It's been a busy week. Sam turned 4 months officially last Sunday and we had the pediatrician appointment on Monday. Tuesday we started Sam on Iron fortified rice cereal...just a tiny amount once a day while she gets used to it. And already I can feel the dishwasher crying because there are more dishes. I really remember with Katie that when she started food it was so amazing that there were now extra dishes to do. (That's the nice thing about dishes. And bonding with baby of course, that's nice too.) =)

Sam also started Jolly Jumping! Ben and I have been looking forward to this since we remember hours spent watching Katie jump. Sam seems to have picked it up a little quicker (no surprise since she likes to put weight on her feet more than we remember Katie doing).
I, of course, have pictures of the first bit of cereal and video's of the jumping (it's just like Irish dancing!).

Both girls are a real treat these days. Sam squealing up a storm and smiling...a very happy baby. Sleeping is ok these days...the plan is to do our cry-it-out this weekend...I'll tell you details on how we do it and whether or not it was successful next week.

Katie's language astounds me every day. She narrates everything she does. Plays well independently. And, where I thought we were having some major terrible two action, turns out I found a bit of a molar poking through (how did I find out? There was an official finger search party sent in) and that really explains her recent crying/waking up at night or early and some general crankiness. It's been much better this week. "Katie's happy" she says. She's also very interested in Sam's Jolly Jumper and tries to hang from it. (we have a story with a "hanging from teh Monkey Bars" scene in it). Katie's loving being outside. Picks dandelions, "helps" water flowers, watches ants.

Time is going by so fast and our days are both routine and unique at the same time. The best thing of all is that it's almost June and Dad will be home with us for summer before we know it.
I'll try and post pictures later today but in case I didn't get time I wanted to write this post before the week was over. Soon I promise!

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