Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Funny Stories (and a Congratulations!)

A few things I didn't get to mention in yesterday's post.

This past week we tried Sam in the Bumbo chair for the first time. She did really well although I wouldn't want to leave her in it for more than a few minutes. I think, when she does get a bit stronger, she'll enjoy being able to sit up close to us. I've noticed lately that she doesn't like to be down in a blanket while we're eating at the table...I think she's starting to notice that she's missing out on something. The weather finally has perked up a bit and we're wearing summery(er) clothes.
And the plants are growing and flowers blossoming...this is a bush (of some kind) right outside the front of the house. I was just about to take the girls to the playground yesterday and had to stop and take a picture. (Sam's too short to get a good closeup with the tall flowers just yet, but she's nearby!)
This photo was from earlier in the week. Grandpa stopped by while biking home after work and Katie had lots of fun picking flowers for him. (Dandelions of course...a kid's favorite and most ubiquitous flower.)
Our two funny stories are these:

The other evening, (around 6?) the four of us were hanging out in the living room. Sam playing on a blanket and Dad and Katie playing nearby. Sam was in a good mood but relaxed in a way that we knew she was getting tired. I went to the kitchen to do some dishes and a few minutes later Ben calls me over in a hushed voice. I walk over and see Sam, fast asleep amid the noise of Katie's playing and laughter. She must have been relaxed and comfortable. (I had also covered up her bare feet to keep her warm...must have felt like bedtime.) (Her eyes are only open a smidge because she heard the beep of the camera, and they closed again right away)
The other story has no pictures...

Well...ok, I changed my mind and just took pictures. How can a story about pictures have no pictures? Anyway...

We colour with Katie a fair bit and mostly these days, she wants you to draw things for her. For exmaple, she'll ask for shapes or other things. Her most requested thing to draw (for some reason) is "A Sad Face". See below:
So we often end up with whole pages of different coloured Sad Faces (and sometimes Happy Faces too). I get kind of tired with all the Sad Faces and the other day decided I'd try and teach her to play X's and O's. Because Katie, she is a genius, no? =)
(for the record, this attempt received definite eye rolls from Ben)
I drew the grid, the X's and the O's and asked Katie where she wanted to put her X.

She answered, with gusto "A Sad Face!". And so I gave in and she got one.
And our BIG Congratulations of the day goes to friends Russ and Steph (you've met them on the blog before) who are the proud new parents of a baby boy (Baby W) born just yesterday. We're so excited and as soon as they are settled and we get to visit we'll share pictures (with their permission of course).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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