Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yet Another Milestone...

Well, I wasn't planning on posting again so soon, but I have an important milestone to report.
It may not be immediately obvious, but look and you will see that Katie CUT HER HAIR. She found tiny scissors in the bathroom drawer (which I immediately went and moved) and snipped. I have no idea why, though clearly she can see a bit better (at least I can see her eyes more) so perhaps she's done the right thing. It's not terribly noticeable but definitely snipped. Maybe we'll talk to our family stylist (Simone) and see if we can officially finish up the new style. (for the record, safety-wise, Katie can use scissors and we often let her cut paper with them. They use scissors all the time at pre-school and she's quite experienced.)

I should have suspected something when she disappeared for a while after she was combing and barrett-ing my hair. I was reading to Sam and inwardly applauding myself on the quality time spent playing with the girls instead of washing dishes. I will say I'm quite happy that I:

a)Managed not to yell
b)Managed not to laugh

as I think both of these reactions would have perhaps encouraged her. I did calmly explain that cutting our hair is not something that we do ourselves but something that we leave to the professionals. I didn't even glamorize it by taking pictures right away but waited until the girls were ready for bed and I remembered that I wanted a picture to blog while they were sleeping.

Sam thinks it's all very funny.
Funnier still...when I was grabbing the girls toothbrushes, it took me about 20 seconds to realize that I was looking at the missing lock. (please excuse the messy bathroom drawer and on one hand, don't tell me your drawer looks better than this....on the other hand, if it does, please tell me how?!)
Amidst all this, I managed to make an amazing loaf of bread (since Steph and her little boy W were joining us for dinner). The recipe is one my mom uses and somehow it still worked perfectly even though I forgot to split the loaf in two. I made a Perfect Super Huge Double Loaf without meaning to. How lucky is that!? Mmm...cheesy!
Last week at strollercize (I'm going more now, but still just walking...foot injury may be improving, orthotics may be helping, hoping to run again by Spring...the current snowing weather outside suggests this may not be until June) they had a soccer camp going on in our space. We managed to get our workout done around it but our little kids were sure mesmerized watching those big kids. (Sam, M and D...Katie's running around somewhere else)
Speaking of soccer..did we mention that we've signed Katie up for community league soccer? Yay! It's starts at the end of April (ahem, weather permitting). I'm excited about it in general and even more so when I found out that a good friend of hers from preschool will be in her group as well. Hopefully that helps make it a fun experience for all. And Ben has volunteered to assistant coach, so I'm sure that will help too. Yet another (#3462) reason to look forward to spring.

Girls are sleeping, hope you have a good night.
PS...While I think of it, Happy Birthday to Auntie Andrea!

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