Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sew Good!

Katie made herself a desk for colouring. Not that we dont' already have a few good places to colour, but what's better than a space you make for yourself?
Sam, just being goofy.
I've been sewing more than knitting these days. I finished up a shirt made from the pattern that Auntie Alli gifted me for Christmas. The fabric was bought at a garage sale last fall. Kind of bright but I like it. I had issues with the sleeves and ended up redoing them with elastic...I could not stretch my arms to pick up the girls before I fixed it so that was a no go. I definitely have plans to make the longer tunic and dress versions sometime down the line.
The buttons on the back are kind of silly...I need Ben's help whenever I want to wear weird! (though I may try buttoning it up halfway and slipping it on and finishing the buttons myself)
Amazing how a box can keep the girls busy.

The girls in their new skirts. Made from this pattern. I didn't put on the called for pocket since, though cute, it obscured the cute printed fabric and that I wanted to see more of. Bonus...the girls both love the skirts. That doesn't always happen!Katie made this sign for their bedroom. Apparently, it's their address.
At Gram and Papa's place for dinner the other week, Katie brought out the cards and she and I played Go Fish. I'd taught her a little while ago. She actually gets most of it, but often will pick up a card and tell me what it is right away. And does other little things that are "wrong" in card playing, like showing me her cards, that are just Oh So Funny. Makes me look forward to playing all sorts of gamnes with the kids as they get older.
Last week we went to Millenium Place with a bunch of friends and after swimming and playing in the playground ended off with picnic lunch. So much fun. I'm really looking forward to doing more of this outside in warmer weather. (which is getting a bit better but still very wintery.)I'd write more but have to get ready for school I'm not dressed and we leave in 10 minutes. And the girls are only sort of dressed. Wish me luck!

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