Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Tired and Some Fun

Sam has not been napping for a while now and while we're getting more used to the idea there are still some days when she's cranky/tired and you know she could have used a nap. Like when she falls asleep on a chair at 4:30pm:
Or with Dad around the same time, another day. Maybe Dad could use some naps too? =)
Katie found a new use for my pretty yellow headband. (she's using the place mat as a mirror since it's silver on the back) The girls are having lots of fun playing lately. Like cuddling up in blanket piles on the floor.
A few weekends ago we saw Fred Penner. It was a great show.
The girls enjoyed it but looked pretty serious throughout. We had lunch at a preschool friend's apartment the other day. Katie with friend N and S. There was a Korean style of sushi/rice roll served and Katie scarfed it up and wanted more. She's very good with the Thomas training chopsticks.
S's brother H is a little younger than Sam but they get along great too. It was a great afternoon and the kids have so much fun playing together.

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