Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Good morning! This morning we have already done some painting. I've not brought out the easel in ages since the time it takes to set it up seems rarely worth the little time spent painting. But it was time and the girls enjoyed it.

Last week I made finger paint for the girls. I've done this before, basically cooking cornstarch in water and adding food coloring. It works but is very gloopy and makes the paper warp when dry. We had played with some crayola colour wonder finger paint right before and it wasn't quite as much fun. It takes a moment for the colour to appear, which I think really throws Sam off, as she doesn't see the colour.

I showered (quickly, as usual!) the other morning and heard chairs moving. The girls built a train while I was occupied. They are so creative. =)
I'm feeling a bit grumpy and out of sorts today...had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday (as well as one last Tuesday) and I'm feeling tired and a bit sore. Overall the extraction was easy and the dentist is great but I think it's wearing on me a bit. Another day and I'll have more energy I'm sure!

We have plans for a coffee date this morning and I'm not sure what else later today. Hope you enjoy your day!

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