Friday, September 25, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, we are trying a visit (perhaps a permanent stay?) in the Land of No-Diapers. (For Katie of course, Sam has a while yet).

This was NOT my idea...brought on by Katie's repeated removal of diaper and pj's at night and peeing on the floor. And her frequent desire to be naked and use the potty in the day time. Of course, the plan is to keep diapers on during nap and sleep time (though that seems counter to Katie's plan, doesn't it?).

For a while now, we've casually gone on the potty and peed or not and it's been fine and fun and exciting. It has also sometimes become a stalling activity...before nap "Katie, time for nap" "Mom, I'm pooping" (when she clearly isn't but is just reading and hanging out on the potty). I'm not sure where this becomes more learning what we do vs. power struggle.

Anyway...long story short...I washed Katie's floor 5 times yesterday and we went through I don't know how many changes of clothes this morning(at least 3 times in an hour). The washing machine is asking for a time-out. I love her but I am pulling my hair out and getting frustrated. Consulting with friends, books and the internet. Thank goodness we don't have carpet anywhere.

I think we are going to keep trying this weekend, to stay in No-Diaper-Landia, with the thinking being that we've come so far and endured so much...if we can just hold out a bit longer...but we'll see.

As with all things parenting, I'm not above changing plans and going with the flow...per se. We'll keep you posted.

PS...Sam is fine today, her skin looks perfectly back to normal and she's happy as a clam. Except when she was crying while I held her and tried to wipe someone's pee off the floor at the same time. Not Sam's idea of a good time...but neither was not being held. Tough times for Samarama.

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