Monday, September 21, 2009

Feeling Fall-ish

Hello! This morning was SO CHILLY it really felt like fall. On TV it said it was 4C this morning, calling for a high of about 20. I don't mind though...the chill feels nice and refreshing. (please don't remind me I said this come January, ok?!) The high for tomorrow though, is a whopping 29C! Very warm for fall.

Things around here are lovely these days. We had a super busy week last week, but managed! The girls are good...we're all better from our cold. They are definitely getting along lately, the girls.
Katie can get a laugh out of Sam any time and it's so neat to start to see them feed off each other and have fun together (as much as one can expect at this point).

Other great news is that Katie had been expressing MUCH less "terrible two-ness" lately. I know things are "phasic" (is that a word?) and up and down all the time, but it feels good to be spending more time in a fun place with her behaviour as opposed to the discipline place. A lot less whining too which is awesome.
And in potty news, things are moving along. We're still in a "don't pressure her" place, simply providing opportunities when we can, but she's peed in the potty several times this week, mostly before naps or bedtime. She has also been showing a lot of interest in not wearing a diaper (or clothes much either!) and this has led to her going to the bathroom herself and peeing by herself showing she knows when to go. (yay!) On the downside, as this is a fun learning experience for her, we're had to deal with quite a few messes, usually from not sitting all the way on the potty. There have been a couple of bedroom incidents too though, coming from the joy she gets from taking off her clothes and diapers by herself. Yikes. The funniest involved me carrying Sam to bed after nursing her one night (Katie had just gone to bed a bit before) and quietly yelling (yes you can do this) to Ben "Poop on the floor, there's poop on the floor!!". Ben was superdad and took care of things pronto and soon both girls were sleeping perfectly. Ah, the joys of parenting!

Last week we had a couple of lovely playdates with JoAnne and the girls. Getting the park time in before it gets too cold! (the current spell of warm weather is particularly inspiring!)
Sam likes books! (for chewing, not reading)
I finished (mostly) knitting a sweater for Sam. Still have to fix the loose ends, but the knitting's done! I think it'll fit nicely this winter.
Here's the photo of us at the Terry Fox run last week. The girls being goofy...Katie has this thing where we wrap her up in a blanket, especially covering up her head, and she calls herself a queen. I helped Sam join in this time and they both thought it was pretty funny.We had our last vegetable box for the year last week, and in it, this neat Cauliflower. I believe it's called Romanescu. The fractal pattern is so cool! I went to a wedding shower for a family friend on the weekend and Ben was flying solo...he did well with the girls though and even managed to get Katie to fall asleep on the couch while he was reading to her. (She didn't nap for me in the morning).This picture is from this morning...we had a pretty good morning, just playing around the house. Sam's wearing one of my old favorite brown sweaters of Katie's...I just can't believe that she's wearing these clothes already! She's getting so big so fast. I feel like we just boxed them up! Last week she also wore my favorite pair of old Katie pants, the brown ones with the pink/orange/etc flowers all over them. So very hippy and very cute. Today Katie wanted to "Stay in PJ's all day"...which I thought about, but then vetoed and managed to get her into some clothes without much fuss. There will be PJ days, but not today. We went to strollercize after and had a great run! I managed to run all the way up the hill atop Hawerlack Park without stopping to walk once! It's the first time since Sam that I've managed that...I haven't been this happy and proud of myself about running in a long time!

Katie is in SUCH a "pretend" place that's amazing to experience. Yesterday evening, she spent a big chunk of time bringing Ben and I food. Including "Dad, would you like regular or decaf pizza?". She's such a sponge and it's amazing to hear these beautiful and complex phrases come out of her mouth.

Sam's eating well...enjoying black beans. We start fruit later this week and I'm excited about it. Fruit is so yum. =) She sits up well (I know I mention this all the time, don't I?) but it's funny, she sometimes falls forward on her face, trying to reach something...I don't remember Katie doing this ever, only falling sideways or back. Maybe Sam will be a reacher = crawler sooner than we expect.

Sleeping has been well if you don't count the fact that somehow their inner alarm clock is set to 5:30 AM. (It IS annoying! Katie says "It's dark!")

Things are good and now we're all caught up with photos. And (sigh) just in time, I think I hear Sam. =)

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