Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eventful Eight!

Sam is eight months old today! And we had a very eventful day.

The day began as normal with a playground playdate with JoAnne and the girls after which we went home and had lunch. Katie and I ate scrambled egg and cheese sandwiches and Sam had day number 2 of bananas. Both girls went down for naps...Sam slept very well, Katie...not so much, perhaps we'll tell that story tomorrow.

After a 2 hour nap, Sam woke up happy, but after a bit of playtime when I went to change her diaper, I noticed a bumpy rash, around the edge of where her diaper is (her upper thigh area). Thought maybe her onesie was chaffing her, so I took it off. Went to play more and I noticed she was starting to scratch it. Called Capital Health Link (love love love them!) and the nurse suggested I keep an eye on the rash and if anything changed to take her to see someone.

Now, it was around 3pm and I'm looking at Sam, thinking about what to do and should I see someone and do I have time to get in to see anyone. Then I notice she's rubbing/scratching her ears and they appear red and swollen (have you seen Hitch?) I jump and make a decision. Call peadiatrition, they're closed, call our family Dr and she's not in but there are others who could possibly see us. I grab the girls as fast as I can (including a change of clothes and potty stuff for Katie because it's TODAY that we've,of course, decided to move into No-Diaper-Landia, except for when sleeping) (see tomorrow's story) and we head into the van.

We get seen by a Dr very quickly (so grateful!) and he says everything's fine, it's *just* hives...some kind of allergic reaction, that by this time has her whole torso and most of her body, covered in red swollen bumps. It's not anaphalactic (sp?) and in no way a threat to her life. Phew. Just uncomfortable and itchy. He gave us a prescription for a baby antihistamine (liquid) for her to take. In the car ride home and to pick up dad (and fill the Rx) Sam fell asleep and already her skin looked better. The only new thing I can think of is the bananas...we'll stay away from them for a bit.

So, we are fine and Sam was in a great mood the rest of the day.

(Here's Sam happily eating squash for dinner...2 hours later and you can see her ear's still a bit swollen)
(but she's still in a happy mood!)Sam...Eight months already! You're growing fast. The most exciting step you've taken recently is that I saw you pull up onto your knee while holding onto the railing on Katie's bed. I won't let you sit there alone anymore...I can see that you're getting thouhts of mobility in that beautiful blondish head of yours.

I brought up the old leapfrog music table today...if we stand you up you can hold yourself unsupported and I think if I let you keep trying you'll pull yourself up soon...we'll see. You're very vocal and sometimes it's hard to have a conversation around you...we'll just have to include you more won't we! You've got a great 2 toothed smile...everyone loves your smile. I've given you some Cheerios recently, as I think you're ready for more texture...I really just have to get over my fear of you choking. You seem to like them but not too much. The trick is going to be keeping Katie from getting them while you slowing examine them and struggle to put them in your mouth...right now they mostly sit in your hand while you lick them. You'll learn to eat faster soon I'm sure. =)

I'm glad you're feeling better and look forward to the coming months...we had record heat again yesterday (34.5C) but there's a frost warning in a few days. How quickly things can change! =)

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