Sunday, September 6, 2009

More of the Cute

We just got back from a fabulous turkey dinner at GG Mary's. Had such a great time...the food and conversation were excellent and the girls were so well behaved! Katie ate well and was appropriately cute and Sam was in a super good mood...sitting in her high chair, talking and bouncing away. What a fun evening!

Here are some pictures from about a week ago:
Sam, sitting up and chewing...two of our favorite things to do these days!

I bought some popsicle molds...just in time for the record heat last week! Yogurt and peaches blended together..yum! Why didn't I think of this earlier in the summer?
Katie having tons of fun running around inside before srollercize. She runs away, then runs back again and says "Again!" (all while laughing hysterically!)
Sam has fun too!

Sam in the stroller,
While I push Katie on the blue tire swing,
the yellow one, and then the red one. It's son funny how as a kid it's seems so important to ride or look at all the colours. For me, I don't see the difference at all. But she loved it!
And, in other colour news, in our vegetable box last week, we got these:Purple and Green cauliflower. How cool is that? Unfortunately, it was a little too hot to do our usual roasted cauliflower, so we tried it on the BBQ...and things got a little burny...ick. Lesson learned. =)

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