Friday, October 29, 2010

A little more...

I think this is actually the last few pictures from last months backlog. Then I can show you pictures from this week.

The girls are doing more of this:
Sitting together and reading quietly. I really really love it. They just look so grown up. And the peace and quiet is brief but glorious.
Some photos from G and C's recent 4th birthday! Face painting!
Butterfly cupcakes...aren't those butterfly's gorgeous? Good job Jo-Anne!
The birthday girls.
And another one-on-one date with Sam. Thanks again mystery Starbucks gift card! (by sticking to black coffee orders, that 40$ we found is lasting a l-o-n-g- time. I LOVE it!
Yesterday was Katie's school Halloween cute! She had a great time. I have pictures! Not sure what the plan is for today...we're wide open! And since I hosted some mom's for a playdate yesterday, the house is relatively clean so I don't feel like I have a ton of housework to do today (which is how I almost always feel!).

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!

PS...such a nice start to our morning...pancakes, leftover from dinner last night (total cheater dinner, I couldn't come up with anything else...we had poached eggs too...yum!). Katie did very well this morning...I had brought syrup to the table and Katie says, with her voice getting a little higher, but still quiet "Mom, I wanted to bring the syrup to the table, Please." With such politeness! Often, something like that will cause a big whine and shout and tears. Phew. First crisis of the day averted. =)

PPS...whoa, lots of exclamation marks back there. Didn't mean to get so excited. Forgive me. Is there an opposite exclamation mark? To notify when a sentence is UNexcited? If there were, I would use one now to balance it all out. =(

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