Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!

While I still have snow pictures and some others from last week, I couldn't not keep you up to date with Halloween, could I?

We did our pumpkins this morning. We had gloves for Katie, which for wore for a scoop of pumpkin guts and then abandoned the job completely. Lucky for her, I was willing to step in.
Sam did a scoop too, but for some reason isn't looking too happy in this picture.
I let Katie draw the faces on both our pumpkins and I'm so glad...they look wonderful and she had a great time doing it!

And look how well in translates into Jack-O-Lantern?! It's funny that the unintentional lopsidedness, both from her drawing and my carving, greatly add to the creepiness. (I think.)
Here's the second pumpkin...she gave it all these tiny teeth that I just managed to carve. Looks so great!
And the costumes! Sam has a Monkey costume we bought from Old Navy and Katie a Fairy costume from the same. I was totally intent on making a costume until we went to Millennium Place and they had dress up costumes, including a ballerina. Katie changed her mind for her costume after that (to ballerina) and I was afraid of her doing it again (um, Fairy!?), so we bought. Next year will be homemade.
Sam was very good Trick or Treating with Dad and Katie. She said Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat (I have videos of both to share later) and Thank You. Ben said both girls were really polite. We had an early dinner at Gram and Grandpa's house so I could come back and give out treats and the girls could go out in their neighbourhood. The weather was great for it...5 above zero at 7:30ish when they all came home. Slow night for us...15 kids. What will we do with all the leftovers?!And here's one more picture of the girls being silly earlier. I think Katie was pushing Sam around a bit, but she was laughing, so it was still funny. You do know that it's always funny until someone starts crying right? Cute sisters! Happy Halloween!

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Megan said...

finally caught up! nice to have you back in blog land. the kids lookd very cute! i'll have to get back to my own blog soon too! :)