Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Fine Fine Fall Day

Pictures from a couple of weeks ago. At Ben's school watching the Volleyball kids (girls love!)
At the playground in Hawerlack park. We had a surprisingly gorgeous day and called friends Russ and Steph for a spur of the moment Saturday lunch picnic.
It was, like that other Saturday evening at the playground, such a perfect memorable day. I feel like it was movie perfect and gorgeous and we had these great friends to share the moment with. I hope the girls remember somehow. Sam, in her chair:
Katie in hers:
Sam running away as I attempt to get beautiful fall photos. Strangely, I forgot to take any photos of our friends. Trust me, they were there. Katie had lots of fun playing at the top of the big hill gathering sticks and playing with other kids.
It's just after 8 in the morning and still quite dark out. I kind of don't know how I hadn't noticed how late the sun is getting up. It's just strangely dark out.

Went through Katie's closet this morning...a task I've been putting off. More than half the clothes are things she wasn't wearing. Took out things that are either: out of season (easy), too small (tricky, since I had to guess because who do you think wouldn't try anything on?), or that Katie doesn't like (tricky, because she started saying she didn't like things that she wore just last week and I began to doubt her answers, so went with my gut). Feels good to clear it out a bit. Hopefully that will help with the getting dressed...we've been having some issues with that lately. I've tried giving her two options, but if she doesn't like either of them (which I'll admit is sometimes the get her to pick something she normally wouldn't wear) she just yells and thrashes around while I debate wrestling her into the clothes. I'm sure those of you who haven't seen a toddler/preschooler tantrum recently can't imagine Katie like this, but it's a sight to see. Anyway...we're trying to avoid it.

Friday today! Hope you enjoy your weekend! We have a very important birthday party to go to and I'm not sure what else is on tap. Talk soon!


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