Sunday, October 24, 2010

21 Months!

Sam turns 21 months old today! Hard to believe that when Katie was this age we were just adding a newborn to the family. Sam's grown so much in the last few months. She jumps and bounces around, dances to music and is fearless on the playground. She laughs and plays with her sister. They have many inside jokes that make them giggle..."Tia!" and "Chew-wa-wa" are two things the girls say that get each other rolling with laughter. (and Ben and I to0). Her language is amazing but I think I've mentioned that recently.

This is Sam when she and I went for coffee one nice day while Katie was in preschool. It feels like we've hardly used this old stroller...we usually use the Chariot, which can fit both girls, or we walk and carry Sam when needed. She was wearing cute little Halloween socks that peeked out perfectly from her shoes.
I know this isn't Sam related, but Katie spends oodles of time doing these little lacing's a set we have where the fish gets sewn onto the fishbowl etc, but she's taken to sewing with any string she can find (it's sometimes rare to find all the pieces in a set together.). She told me this was a tree house she was making. She also took some laces and sewed them through a fleecy blanket we have downstairs. Did an actual "running stitch" as well as some "whip stitch".
Sam, sitting on the chair...taking cushions off happens at least once a week. The cushions are either staked up in towers or laid out as a path and jumped on. I think they also like how the chair feels deeper without the cushion. I have sort of accepted the fact that our furniture will be a beat beat up after surviving two kids.
Before dinner on Thanksgiving we went to a playground and ran around. Sam still loves swings but does eventually venture over to other areas. We used to have to take turns pushing her, Ben and I, to keep from getting bored.
Today the girls and I went to church (Ben stayed home and napped...I owed him a three hour nap from yesterday morning...I was up all night coughing and he was up with the girls a bit...both nights) and when we came home I made chicken noodle soup. SO good...hopefully will help kick this little lingering cold I have. Ben went to school to work while Sam napped and Katie watched a show. When Sam woke up the three of us baked Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies. Haven't eaten enough to know if I should be sharing the link...I'll let you know! It was nice to bake because it's been a dark and gloomy day. Makes the house are nice and warm and smelling good! We're ending off the weekend with supper at Gram and Grandpa's house. Can't wait!

Hope your weekend was as nice as ours!

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