Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wow...we had an exciting evening...Sam went from kind of scootching on her bum to what I would definitely call Crawling...Here's a short video...after this she made it all the way to the window in the living room.

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

I'll get more video soon...I'm too busy right now childproofing.

Advice for my friends who are newish parents...even though your first baby eventually gets old enough to play with toys with little pieces...DON'T buy them/play with them, you're just going to have to hunt down all the little bits that are too small for your second baby.

Add that to the hunt for the Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie set that we own that was just recalled and I've got no time to take good crawling videos at the moment. (Though somehow I had time yesterday to make split pea soup, bake biscuits and try making sesame snaps (success!))

See you soon!