Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just wanted to stop by and tell you about two little breakthrough moments we had last Thursday.

1. Sam played Peek-a-Boo for the first time. As in she held up a piece of paper and moved it up and down to hide and reveal. I love this! I clearly remember Katie's first time doing this too because it's such a cool thing to see...she's taking control and really having fun interaction with us. Sam's also started lifting up her hands and laughing/smiling when we copy her.

2. Katie had TWO poops in the potty! It's been a while...she started off doing it but then for some reason started pooping in diapers (at bedtime) or in her underwear...even if I had JUST asked her to go to the bathroom. But Thursday she did it twice and once yesterday. (and once yesterday in her bed, for which she said this morning " Sorry mom about the poop in my bed")

Overall, I'm feeling like things have settled down a bit...I'm not as frustrated all day long (though it still doesn't take much for Katie to push my buttons). It doesn't help that Sam's been a little whiny this week...suspected her medicine wasn't working well this batch because she was spitting up more too...we've got a new batch now, so we'll see if that improves. And there's also the runny nose she woke up with yesterday. She seems in good spirits considering and no fever so I'm not worried that it's "The Flu". I suspect Sam's also going through a clingy phase...my parenting/baby center email ("your baby 9 months 3rd week...or whichever week it is") mentions that clingy-ness is common at this age...it's bit frustrating to have her cry every time I set her down.

The weather's been amazing lately...I can't believe that Christmas is coming so fast...we do have a bunny that spends much of its time under Katie's little slide in the backyard and it's turned all white just in the last week, so we may be getting some snow soon.

I should go...Ben's having a tough time getting ready for work with Katie demanding his attention...and I'm just about done my coffee, which is my free time excuse ("When I'm done my coffee"). Happy Tuesday!

PS...I have videos that I've not been sharing, so I'm hoping to put them up and share soon...that's the plan man. =)