Monday, November 16, 2009

Strange Napping

We had the strangest napping situation this past weekend. We went out Sat. afternoon to a little event downtown, followed by some errand running. On the way home in the van, Katie fell asleep (around 3pm). She hasn't officially napped in about 6 weeks. Ben managed to carry her in the house to continue her nap...and she did (this was a rare thing even when naps were normal!). She napped until 10 minutes after 5 when I woke her up for dinner. Ben had gone alone to the volleyball game we were all going to go to since we would have been to late waiting for Katie to wake up.

Trouble came at bedtime when she was mischievous and up in her room until almost 10pm!! Maybe not napping isn't so bad after all. Then on Sunday afternoon, we found her curled up in a blanket underneath a "tent" (blanket) we had made in her bedroom. So are still on the camera...will show next time.

This is Katie having playdoh fun:Those are my old playdoh toys...barbershop where you can cut hair. Fun fun!
And the girls at bathtime. No matter what the mood, bathtime is almost always happy time.
Sam love it.
It's fun to spend time altogether.
Sam's been fussy lately...suspect it's that other top tooth. She's also begun "kissing" a bit...where she kind of bumps into your face with her mouth open. Too cute!

P.S. Here's a link from the local taken of us at the festival/event downtown that we went to. (there are two of Dad and Sam and one of Katie).

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