Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a happy one!
Katie dressed up as Ladybug Girl, seen here at the playgroup Halloween party. The wings are cardboard covered with duct tape and marker, the tutu was made by Gram as well as the t-shirt. The antennae with sparkly bobbles were bought. The boots are yellow boots we already had that I covered with tape and marker. Cute and (mostly) homemade...just the way I like it!
Sam was a princess/queen wearing a pretty dress we had and topped off with a crown (cardboard and tin foil) and one of the wands from JoAnne's girls birthday party the other weekend. She had red teething cheeks that really added to the costume.
Our pumpkin turned Jack-o-lantern:
Katie at Gram and Grandpa's house before going trick or treating with Dad and Grandpa.
Outside trick or treating...this is how we do it in Canada...all under the winter coat. We did have superb weather though...not sure what the temp was but our neighbour dropped by after the kids were done to share their leftover candy (we only had 14 kids at our house!) and he didn't need to wear a jacket.
When they came home Ben said Katie had SO MUCH fun doing Halloween. Not shy at all. Sam helped me give out candy while Katie and Dad were out. We had some nice one-on-one time.

Sam got her 3rd tooth this week. You can just see it right up top. She's not been the happiest lately because of it but I think she's doing better now that it's through. On the toddler front things have been some more of the same but also somewhat better. Not sure if it's actually better or simply a shift in perspective. I'm learning to live without naptime.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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two is a pair said...

I love their costumes!!!! Too cute!